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AIRACs are updated every 28 days by the aeronautical authorities.

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With version 0.7.4 came a new option: the possibility of deporting the complete and functional MCDU on a tablet, a smartphone, another screen, another PC or a Mac connected to the same internal network.

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When flying under air control (ATC or better, IVAO), we may be asked to go through a waypoint that is not in our flight plan.

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The ​​A320 Fenix knows how to manage special waypoints (WP).

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The A320 Fenix ​​EFB offers a page to calculate its landing distance based on the chosen runway, the expected aircraft weight and the weather.

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CPDLC - Controller Pilot Data Link Communication - is a complement to voice communication between pilots and controllers through the exchange of more or less pre-formatted written messages.

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Until now, with the Airbuses available to us in MSFS, the default A320 or the FlyByWire A320, the use of the secondary flight plan was not implemented.

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The A320 from Fenix has many new features including a fairly complete EFB tablet.

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This tutorial explains how to start the Fouga Magister from Azur Poly.

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As indicated in tutorial #1, the EFB (flypad) of the A32NX offers a Performance page with two tabs.

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The A32NX automatically calculates takeoff speeds in the PERF - TAKE OFF RWY page.

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The A32NX EFB (flypad) offers a Performance page with two tabs.

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The developers of the A32NX, the A320 Neo from FlyByWire do an incessant job of realism in the simulation of this aircraft and, icing on the cake, for free.

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The DEV version updated regularly to prepare the stable version which will follow 0.7.4 does not use the MSFS loading and centering plan.

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All airliners are faced with this situation: having to wait before landing due to traffic or weather.

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FS2020 allows you to load a flight plan from several sources, some of which are the subject of one of our tutorials.

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This tutorial explains how to use the F18 catapult from an aircraft carrier.

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This tutorial explains how to manage the addons (mods, add-ons) of the Community folder with MSFS Addons Linker.

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The latest version of MSFS introduced several new aircraft including the famous F18 Hornet.

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If you have a basic or full Navigraph subscription, you have the option to load, create and follow a flight plan in a popup window.

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Touch Portal is software that allows a smartphone or tablet to be used as a touch keyboard with keys programmed to perform specific functions on a PC or Mac.

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Version 0.7.0-rc2 of this aircraft particularly brings a revised EFB (pilot side tablet) with additional functions.

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As with any modern aircraft, the "Cold and Dark" start-up of an H135 requires a series of operations to be performed in order.

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When creating a flight plan (FPL), in addition to the elements of airports and waypoints, it may be necessary to add altitude and speed constraints when passing certain waypoints (WP).

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This tutorial explains how to use a SimBrief flight plan directly from the MCDU.

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A very pleasant type of flight is being two on the same plane ... without being in the same geographic location.

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This tutorial explains how to calibrate the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus and addons.

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This tutorial explains how to repaint an airplane without using Photoshop or Blender, just with free software like Gimp2 or XnView.

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This tutorial explains how to have the weather forecast for the airports of your choice directly in the A320 FMS (version A32NX).

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This tutorial explains how to replace the VFR map by Little Navmap.

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This tutorial is a quick start manual for the Airbus A320.

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This tutorial explains how to use an iPad as an additional monitor.

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This tutorial explains how to load a flight plan into the A320 FMS.

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This tutorial explains how to set up and save a joystick profile by taking the Logitech (Saitek) X52 Pro HOTAS as example.

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