MSFS2020 172

Airbus: Rudder pedals

By TSU (Simvol) | 3253 views

In the tutorial on adjusting the rudder pedals, it is about a joystick to steer an Airbus on the ground.

It is rather a steering handwheels, and it allows you to take the front wheel 75 ° to the right or to the left.

On an airliner, the rudder pedals make it possible to steer the plane a little bit on the ground, but it is indeed the steering wheel that does all the work.

On the other hand, during the take-off run, it is indeed the rudder pedals that are used to keep the runway axis because they are more and more efficient with the speed (smaller correction necessary with the speed which increases).

Almost no action in flight is necessary because the airplane compensates on its own in the turns (too excessive use of the rudder pedals is even not recommended, this can lead to the appearance of an oral alarm ["STOP RUDDER INPUT"] or even the breakage of the fin, the cause of the accident:

The main use of rudder pedals in flight is to counter the asymmetry of thrust in the event of an engine failure.