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Full description of the flight plan and procedures for landing in the A320 at Paro (Bhutan), reputed to be the most difficult airport in the world.

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The go-around is a so-called normal procedure even if, in fact, remains quite rare. It is part of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

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The departure and arrival procedures are codified in the AIRACs and provided in the Navdatas.

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Tutorial about TCAS on the Airbus A32NX.

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In the tutorial on adjusting the rudder pedals, it is about a joystick to steer an Airbus on the ground.

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Following the article on the ILS and the A320, here is some additional information from the PFD and ND screens of the A320 (A32NX mod) of FS2020.

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Very complete tutorial written by a professional pilot (TSU) talking about ILS approaches with the Airbus A320.

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