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Legacy Editor: 3D object import software using the Collada format
by Didier Rigault (ROTW)

After several months of development, Didier Rigault, offers us a 3D object import software using the Collada format.
For the beginners, the Collada format is an universal format to define a 3D object. It allow to exchange objects created with a 3D object creation tool.
The advantage is to be able to create his own objects or using an existing object (and open source if we want to broadcast it!) and to insert it in your favorite simulator.
It exists many libraries of these files on Internet and in particular those created with Sketchup. We can find them included in *.kmz files used in Google Earth. These files can be opened very simply with a tool for *.zip files. They contain only a Collada file, with pictures to texture the object and a localization file (*.kml) in Google Earth.

Download Date Size

Legacy Scenery 0.11

12/24/2013 43.8 MB

Database GEN.db

12/24/2013 2.64 MB