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OSM2XP: OpenStreetMap data converter for Fly! Legacy
by Benjamin Blanchet and Jean Sabatier (ROTW)

Since the version 0.7.2 of Fly! Legacy, it is now possible to populate the sceneries with 3D objects generated form the land registry with OpenStreetMap. For that purpose, it is necessary to convert OpenStreetMap data get from the Internet to data compatible with Fly! Legacy.

OpenStreetMap data being public and open source they had already been used before by other simulators, like X-Plane. Besides, the utility which is proposed on this page was written originally for X-Plane but has been adapted to take in charge other simulators.

The author of this software, Benjamin Blanchet, has kindly agreed to collaborate with Jean Sabatier to make his software compatible with Fly! Legacy. Thank you very much to him for this fruitful collaboration !

NB: to work correctly, this utility needs a 64 bits operating system (Windows XP or superior) and the 64 bits version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You can download the JRE 64 bits at this address.

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05/17/2012 181 MB