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Legacy Navigator: flight plan manager for Fly! Legacy
by Didier Rigault (ROTW)

Like Legacy Editor, this tool is developed by Didier Rigault and replaces a tool which existed with Fly! II, Vol!Nav. This is a flight plan manager and it brings extra features in comparison with the one included in Fly! Legacy. It allows to visualize routes and manage SIDs and STARs.
The default map comes from Google Maps, so the information (airports, NAVAIDs, waypoints, routes) are directly drawn in a browser. You can use a light map to prepare your IFR flights or using the satellite mode and its amazing pictures to prepare a VFR flight in a photorealistic scenery in Fly! Legacy.

You can also locate your airplane on the departure area wherever you want, correctly oriented and save it as default location when you start Fly! Legacy.

Download Date Size

Legacy Navigator 0.22

12/23/2013 47.6 MB