Effects for industrial sites

By Roland_LFOR (Simvol)
Effects for industrial sites
Version 1.0
Date March 12th, 2022
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This package offers two effects:
- Steam for cooling towers of nuclear or thermal power plants
- Smoke for most important chimeys of industrial sites

Effects are of course influenced by local winds, but also by the ambient temperature (Steam FX only). I tried to diversify smoke FX aspect by changing their gray density, between white and black along their location. This FX package is specifically design to match POIs available from FranceVFR payware scenery: "Objects and Landmarks" which covers metropolitan part of France (including Corsica island).

Towers and chimeys POIs seen on the companion pictures are these from FranceVFR scenery, obviously they are NOT part of my FX package.

These FX are my personnal work, they are not taken from other developers or sceneries.

I put some efforts to make as low as possible the impact of FX on performances, using very few simultaneous particules.