RAAS Plugin

By Roland_LFOR (Simvol)
Plugin RAAS
Version 3.9
Date March 17th, 2023
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RAAS is an additional safety module of Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems used in most modern airliners, developped by Honeywell company.

Its primary goal is to avoid runway intrusion and error.

It interacts with crew by aural messages and alerts.

This program will cover all your airports worldwide.

Version 3.8
>>> This addon is written in lua langage and therefore requires the registered version of FSUIPC7 <<<

It's useless to download this if you don't own a registered copy of FSUIPC7 for MSFS.

Please read carefully the included manual (English and French) as it takes a preparation using MakeRunways utility.
Big thanks to John and Pete Dowson for their great programs.

Features in current version:

- Announcement of runway in vicinity "Approaching ..."
- Alert if excessive speed before take off "On taxiway! On taxiway!"

- Announcement of runway "On runway ..."
- Announcement of available length from current position "... feet available"
- Alert on extended holding time "On runway ...! On runway ...!"

Take off
- Remaining length announcements on the second half of runway, each 2000 feet "... feet remaining"
- Alert end of runway vicinity "End of runway!"

In case of Rejected Take Off
- Remaining length announcements each 500 feet "... feet remaining"
- Alert end of runway vicinity "End of runway!"

Long final
- Announcement identified runway "Approaching ..."
- Announcement of available length "... feet available"

- Alert "Long landing! long landing!"
- Alert in case of low altitude without runway identified : "No runway ahead! No runway ahead!"

Continuous survey of altitude and stability (glide path) until ~400 feet from threshold :
- Alert "Too low! too low!"
- Alert "Too high! too high!"
- Alert "Unstable! Unstable!"

After touchdown – decelerating
- Remaining length announcements each 1000 feet "... feet remaining"
- Alert end of runway vicinity "End of runway!"


UPDATE (03/17/2023): New version 3.9 available. New math to avoid unexpected runway annoucements during taxi, far from runway but in its axis vicinity on some complex airports (i.e. Madrid LEMD or Nashville KBNA).