Montmeilleur (LFKK) and Mens (LF3828)

By Emmanuel Richer
Montmeilleur and Mens
Version 1.0
Date March 24th, 2022
Size 3.16 MB
Downloads 407
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Montmeilleur and Mens are two neighboring altisurfaces of a few kilometers located in Trièves, south of Grenoble in France.

Montmeilleur LFKK, code LFRR in MSFS2020, is the castle's private airstrip open to air traffic.

Mens LF3828, a grass runway located on a hill near the town of Mens is used by mountain pilots.

This set is my first creation. Montmeilleur's shed is almost respectful of the original, proper handling of Blender still takes practice.

The Montmeilleur runway has a bump at the entrance to the runway which does not conform to reality. I failed to detect what resists conformal terraforming of the runway.