Carpentras (LFNH)

By Claude Roure (Simvol)
Version 1.0
Date May 10th, 2022
Size 2.7 MB
Downloads 518
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Carpentras aerodrome is an aerodrome in the department of Vaucluse.

Altitude 394 ft. 2 runways 13/31: one hard 1200x20m and one grass 850x80m. No luminous beaconing - self-information 118.175 Mhz.

4 clubs: Aéroclub Du Comtat Venaissin (engine) - glider association of Carpentras - association of amateur builders of Vaucluse - ULM association of Carpentras.

(note: another mod exists on the web, but it does not conform to reality)


IMPORTANT: to display all 3D objects correctly, you must install the following libraries.