Belley-Peyrieu (LFKY)

By Emmanuel Richer
Version 1.1
Date April 17th, 2022
Size 11 MB
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I offer you a first draft of the Belley-Peyrieu LFKY aerodrome. It is located in Bugey in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

The grass runway facing north south measures 640m. It is a restricted-use platform admirably located in a small plain bordered by mountains. By taking off from Belley, the pilot of a light aircraft quickly accesses to a wide variety of landscapes.


IMPORTANT: to display all 3D objects correctly, you must install the following libraries.


UPDATE (04/23/2022): New version 1.1 available. Added and re-designed some objects. Design and layout of the buildings adjoining the runway. Drawing of the nearby industrial area very remarkable for identifying the position of the airfield. Some plant corrections.