Belle-Ile (LFEA)

By Yves P (Simvol)
Version 1.5
Date March 22nd, 2024
Size 8.57 MB
Downloads 808
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Belle-Ile aerodrome is an aerodrome open to public air traffic, located in the town of Bangor, 4 km south-south-west of the Palais in Morbihan.

It is used for the practice of leisure and tourism activities (light aviation).


IMPORTANT: to display all 3D objects correctly, you must install the following libraries.


UPDATE (03/22/2024): New version 1.5 available.
_ Added brand new 3D models for the water treatment plant and electrical substation
_ Better slope of the runways and few terraforming (following SIA chart and Geoportail imagery)
_ Some more ground marking (runway and apron)
_ Added exclusion rectangle
_ Added terraforming ditches
_ Added more fences
_ Changed AFIS frequency
_ Replaced MSFS generic windsock
_ Replaced generic cars with Ethnicfs cars library
_ Added some more lights
_ Added few electric pylons
_ Changed texture for two hangars
_ And some more...