MSFS2020 40

Start-up of the ATR 42/72-600 engines

By Pacha35 (Simvol) | 3891 views

NB: the ATR has a specificity; it can start without a runway group using one of its motors (number 2) with the propeller slowed: this is the "HOTEL" mode.

We will deal here with the normal start-up on a runway group with the aircraft on the tarmac.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this tutorial only presents the engine starting part. It is obvious that the classic safety and control tests must first be carried out.

1 - Power supply

- connection of the runway group via the EFB "Aircraft" page.

- on the overhead panel, commissioning of the battery (1).

You must then wait until the 2 systems (EFIS) are in service (letter T) then the parameters are displayed.

- we connect the track group (DC and AC).

- the last EFIS lights up.

- we check the proper functioning of all EFIS.

If you are in low light, you can manage the lighting with the rotators below:
(switching the tutorial to "night mode")

- as for the A320, on the "overhead panel" there must not be any buttons lit (in white). You must therefore turn them all off, put the Beacon on ON, the Emergency on ARM and the signs passengers to ON, which gives the Overhead panel below:

You must check that the "propeller" levers are in "Fuel Cut Off".

Note: before starting the engines, you must enter your flight plan, which will be the subject of another tutorial.

2 - Starting engine 1 (the one on the left): reminder, warn the ground by setting the "Beacon" to ON (overhead panel).

To start the engines, this EFIS will need to be monitored.

The "ENG START" rotary switch is positioned on "START A&B" and the "START 1" button is pressed.

As soon as we reach 10% on the engine EFIS, we position the "Propeller n°1" lever on FTR (1st notch).

When all indicators are in green for this engine, it is started and its propeller is idling.

We move the "propeller 1" lever to "AUTO" to finalize the start-up of this engine.

We will now disconnect the track group which is located on the side of motor 2 (the one on the right).

3 - Starting engine 2

Press the "START2" button on the overhead panel.

Same procedure as for engine 1, at 10% we put the "propeller 2" lever on FTR, the propeller turns at idle, when everything is in green, we put the "propeller 2" lever on AUTO, the propeller at his normal diet.

4 - End of startup

The chocks are removed via the EFB to allow taxiing.

Finally, on the overhead panel, you must put the "ENG START" rotary switch back to OFF.

We are ready!