MSFS2020 393

How to load a flight plan into the A320 FMS

By Pacha35 (Simvol) | 43710 views
INIT page 1
  1. Click the INIT button
  2. departure apt/arrival apt in FROM/TO
  3. validate ALIGN IRS
  4. flight number in FLT NBR
  5. 10 in COST INDEX
  6. Cruise flight level in CRZ FL
F-PLN page
  1. Click the F-PLN key
  2. Click on the departure airport
  3. Click on DEPARTURE
  4. Select track
  5. Scroll through the start procedures by clicking the down arrow key
  6. Select the desired procedure from the proposed list
  7. Click on INSERT*
  8. Do not remove "F-PLN DISCONTINUITY" at this time
  9. **** the SID is automatically integrated into the flight plan ****
  10. Click on arrival airport
  11. Click on the "ARRIVAL" button
  12. Find the desired procedure and click on it
  13. Find the desired approach and click on it
  14. Find the intended entry point (or "NO VIA") and click on it
  15. Click on INSERT*
  16. **** the STAR is automatically integrated into the flight plan
  17. Click on waypoint before F-PLN DISCONTINUITY
  18. Enter next point in TO
  19. Click on INSERT*
  20. **** do the same with all the waypoints until you find the one at the start of the STAR which can end up as a double ****
  21. **** remove the duplicate before the STAR and the line F-PLN DISCONTINUITY
  22. Click the CLR key
  23. Click on the duplicate point
  24. Click the CLR key
  25. Click on the F_PLN DISCONTINUITY line
  26. Check that there is no more discontinuity and remove them
  27. The flight plan is completed and installed in the FMS
INIT page 2
  1. Click the INIT button
  2. Click on the "left arrow" key to display page 2
  3. Enter weight of loaded fuel
  4. Click on BLOCK to display the loaded fuel weight
  5. Enter ZFW/ZFWCG data
  6. Click on ZFWCG/ZFW to display the aircraft weight excluding fuel and the corresponding center of gravity
  1. Enter the value V1
  2. Click on V1 to display the calculated speed
  3. Enter VR value
  4. Click on VR to display the calculated speed
  5. Enter value V2
  6. Click on V2 to display the calculated speed
  7. Enter the "FLAPS/THS" values
  8. Click on FLAPS/THS to display the selected value
  9. Enter the FLEX value (50 if not known)
  10. Click on FLEX TO TEMP to display the selected value

The flight plan is loaded with essential data. It can be checked on the ND in PLAN mode and by scrolling it on the MCDU with the up arrow on its keyboard.

This tutorial is suitable for the different MSFS A320s. There may be some nuances, but they are minor and easy to manage (example: TMPYINSERT* for the Fenix ​​and INSERT* for the A32NX).