MSFS2020 318

Catapulting a F-18 Super Warrior from an aircraft carrier

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Situation: French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle off the Kerguelen Islands (ICAO code: ACKG), F18-Hornet "Super Warrior".

    Launch procedure:
  • position yourself on one of the supported aircraft carriers where the crew is installed (here the R91 Charles de Gaulle)
  • to see the bridge personnel arrive, you have to put the LAUNCHBAR switch on EXTEND (down)
  • Watch the flight deck officer ("yellow dog") giving you taxi signals
  • roll in its direction following the signs (left - front - right)
  • when you are ready (in principle on a catapult, but not obligatory with Fs2020), it will give you a signal to stop and will position itself immediately for give you the starting signal
  • apply the brakes (not the parking brake) and check that the LAUNCHBAR switch is on EXTEND
  • wait for the person in charge of the catapult (on your left) to confirm the attachment
  • Maximum power (with afterburning), stick in the stomach, about 10 seconds later, the plane will be catapulted
  • after flying 500 m from the catapult, the crew will be operational again for a catapult.

Video (HD) of this catapult on our YouTube channel:

Situation map of aircraft carriers in the world FS2020 (the CdG is boxed):
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To be downloaded and installed to have all the aircraft carriers scattered around the world, the new F-18 (Super Warrior) and the ground crew (everything is on

touchingcloud-aircraft-fa18e-sw (F-18 Warrior)
aircraft carrier group – superspud (aircraft carrier 1)
aircraft carrier group volume 2 – superspud (aircraft carrier 2)
pbk-carrier-crew (ground staff)

The Charles de Gaulle and its escort vessels (including the amphibious Mistral helicopter carrier in the distance) near the French islands of Kerguelen (southern lands).