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How to calibrate the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus and addons

By Pacha35 (Simvol) | 27225 views

The Airbus TCA (Throttle) is delivered with specific documentation to "calibrate" it, ie assign the notches to the throttle lever.

This document can be downloaded HERE

This manipulation is mandatory if you want to use the controller as on a real airplane with its REVERSES, IDLE, CLB, FLEX, TOGA notches.

To complete the TCA, Thrustmaster to add "add-ons" which attach to either side of the TCA:

  • flap management, trim, parking brake (right)
  • spoiler management, and autobreak (left)

As for the "throttle", these two levers (flaps and spoilers) have notches that must also be calibrated.

You have to do it at the same time as the throttle as it is explained in the tutorial below (kindly provided by Jacques Sévigny, member of the Facebook group):

Complete TCA calibration and add-ons tutorial HERE