MSFS2020 94

Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL (ORBX)

By Ronald Joseph | 1462 views


If you like STOL in a new dimension, you won't be disappointed, here is a 750hp STOL single-engine tricycle.

Overall, the cockpit is really good: 95% clickable, everything necessary or even optional in flight is available. I just regret a lack of animation given the internal environment of the cabin or even the possibility of presence of passengers.

There are 4 versions available:
- Agriculture (for spreading)
- Cargo
- Passengers
- Skydive (Parachute jump)

Very handy, it is a delight to use on short and rough runways.

Top performance both in open clods for spreading and close to its ceiling (6000ft) for skydiving.

It is a small multi-role aircraft with a good Garmin GPS for navigation which works perfectly which guarantees you a lot of flight hours on a lot of terrain.


About €23



I strongly recommend it if you are a fan of STOL.