MSFS2020 96

Tecnam P2006T MKII (FlightSim Studio)

By Ronald Joseph | 1810 views


Very nice and very good little twin-engine (100hp each) with 4 seats, very pleasant to pilot.

Speed ​​will not be your priority for sure but you will be able to enjoy the scenery during very pleasant flights regardless of the destination aerodrome because with a stall speed of around 50kt it gives its chance even on very short tracks.

A small choice between "Easy Mod" or "Realistic Mod" very interesting at the start (I recommend Realistic obviously). Its ceiling is still 24,000 feet.

In the cockpit everything is clickable and functional. The checklist is wedged on the left of the dashboard but you can place it on the right on a tablet for the configuration of the plane (carb, weight, etc...). The autopilot works perfectly. You will have company in the cabin with passengers present.

On the other hand, be careful, it is very sensitive to side winds. You will have to "play with your feet" to keep it in line and mastering the crab approach will become your objective.


Around €30

I recommend it to you if you are a fan of this kind of very fun little machine to pilot.