MSFS2020 91

Airbus A400M (Roland Laborie)

By Ronald Joseph | 1698 views


An aircraft on which I had the chance to work when I was still in France. It's simple... I didn't expect anything and I'm still disappointed.

On the outside it is quite correct but really nothing more, it has a rather plastic effect.

The graphical cockpit is not extraordinary either but it has the merit of laying the foundations (will require updates, it is imperative). A lot of elements are clickable but a lot is missing. We also hope for updates to the on-board computer.

Setting up a flight is still approximate.

As for the flight model approach: this is pure disaster! He vacillates between the dirigible balloon and the pebble. In short, there is really a lot of work and I find it hard to imagine that we can really take fun to fly with.

Sound level nothing special because nothing transcendent. At least you can make nice "screenshots" with it.


Around €30