FS2020 vs X-Plane 11: A320 - EFB


Airliners, in addition to all the almost standard dashboard devices, are practically all equipped with an iPad-like tablet which is attached to a support near the window on the pilot and co-pilot side. This tablet is an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).

It is mainly used for flight preparation but also during flight because it contains a large part of the aeronautical documentation. See Wikipedia

On our simulators, the EFB didn't come with the first versions of airliners, but now it exists everywhere (or almost) with features that are constantly improving.

Here is a comparison of two EFBs for the Airbus A320 under FS2020 (A32NX from FBW) and under X-Plane 11 (Ultimate from FF).

The versions:
- FBW A32NX - V0.7.0-rc3
- FF Ultimate - V1.1.14

The comparison shows, in pictures, the correspondence, when it exists, between FS on the left and XP on the right.

On start-up: FBW is positioned on the loading of the flight plan via the Simbrief application, FFU is on the preparation for start-up (Supply).

To have the start-up preparation page on FBW, you have to go to the "Ground" tab.

Both EFBs have a specific fuel page

For passengers and baggage, FFU on special pages, FBW leaves this function to the standard loading plan of FS2020



Same for centering

For the complete checklist, it is in the EFB for FFU and it is that of FS2020 which is used for FBW

Regarding flight plans, FBW took the solution of going through Navigraph, FFU that of loading the flight plans previously saved in the standard .pln format.

However, there is a feature at FFU that allows you to view a Simbrief flight plan by going through the Browser tab and entering Simbrief's internet address (and access codes).

We thus have the same information since Simbrief can generate a flight plan in .pln format.

At FFU, the Browser tab provides access to any internet (including MTO sites and VAC maps)

The EFB is also used as a failure generator on both aircraft. At FBW, the tips are offered and limited for this version, at FFU they are selectable from those offered by X-Plane and the choice is wider.

In the two EFBs, we find technical setting pages which have little correspondence between the two simulators. FBW's strong point: the integrated configuration of the notches of the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus controller (but also other controllers). See specific tutorial (in French).

In both cases, the display of the maps is linked either to a type of Navigraph subscription for FBW, or to a special access to GoogleMaps (API key) for FFU

The EFB of FBW (FS2020) includes other pages without correspondence with the EFB of FFU (X-Plane) the details of which are given in this tutorial.