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Helps: VOR-DME in few words


A- Recalls

1- All VORs are not DMEs(indication of the oblique distance aircraft/VOR)
They are recognised by a different symbol:

2- All the aircraft are not equiped with DME.
In Fly!, only Cessna has not DME. It is replaced by GPS which gives a real distance,
DME giving a oblique distance (as much as we are high and near).

B- In Fly!

3- Test of all DME of all the aircraft which have one on a flight around Toronto (Canada):
    (VOR-DME        YYZ     112.15       VOR-DME         YTP    116.55)
Conclusion: all works perfectly.

4- The instruments of the aircraft

4.1- Beechcraft Kingair

4.2- The other aircraft of Fly!