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Fly! for Mac - The first version : Fly! and Fly!2K
par Azzurro

I.- The installation and the update final patch

Important note : certain of this files are became nowhere to be found, so we are placed in a site some personnal files, rezipped... Apparently they give satisfaction, but the good rule wants we put you on their guard and accept no responsibility about them.

WARNING : you must respect im-pe-ra-ti-ve the following procedure, under penalty of total failure :

1°) set up Fly! from your original CD
Don't start certainly not the application, even "just to see" ! Fly! must stay "factory fresh" like said the manual.
Of the rest, there is nothing to see, the original version doesn't work well at all on Mac, so no regret.

2°) apply the Fly! final patch for Mac
"Fly! Patch 1.01 Final (full patch) for the Macintosh version"

After that, you can (finally) start Fly!, and there, that works !!!!
Un little starting of Norton Disk Doctor (or equivalent) then a Speed Disk can't hurt, and to finish the desktop rebuilding, the advice is valid for all the installations besides.

The "elevations" patch

It exists in the official updates a "Fly! 1.0.1 Globe Updater" patch to correct the elevations; its use generates discussion, because it would be cause of conflicts. So, I quote it only for memory, without advicing it (moreover it approachs 50 Mb). We don't propose it for download.

II.- Enhance Fly!

Don't hesitate certainly not to use these additionnal files, even if certain are a little heavy to load, there are all free. Only a precaution, choose well the Mac version (links below) !
When downloads are on the Avsim site, see above all other things the text marked **Important**, on our Fly!-Simvol-Mac welcome page).

Import DB ("Fly database import tool - Mac version")

The databases import tool for Mac, indispensable, allows to complete the data like ILS, waypoints, airports, com, and so on. (files in .dex format).

To place directly in the Fly! folder
You must know on Mac (I don't know what PC users think) this application is close to the seedy : very slow and very bugged... Unfortunaly, we can't do without. Morality : don't pounce on all DEX files which pass, wait until they are validated, and especially, keep always some savings of the Fly! "system" folder in case of hitch (see the excellent Frédéric Picci's advices in the "lisez-moi" which accompanies its final version of the French data).

After a bug with DBimport, put in the waste paper basket the content of your DATABASE folder before beginning again, if not you will have some "bombs" in every new attempt.

Ground control

Ground control for Mac, "Ground Control Macintosh Version 1.1" allows to enhance considerably the textures  : indispensable !

SDK for the user ("FLY! SDK 1.01.88 for the User - MAC Version")

The 88-sdk for Mac user

To note :
* your application will take the Fly!2K name (don't confuse with Fly! II) after this patch
* the memory setting comes back in the "default" level, make Apple-i on Fly2K, choose "memory" and give back the value you chose initially, if not this will be a bug in starting.


Sky! Mac version, "Sky! version 1.1 Macintosh Version" allows to obtain beautiful skies, and numerous special effects.
Search the file having this name on Avsim, TRI Fly!.. patches category

We find also additionnal files for Sky! compatible Mac

Flytex for runways and taxiways

Allows to vary the runways and taxiways texture effects, not indispensable but pleasant
Flytex (version 2)
Search the file having this name on Avsim, TRI Fly!.. Fly! Miscellaneous category

How to set up Fly! :

The location of the folder is not important, you can very well place it in another partition that the one of the system.

See below my Fly! folder after update by the update final patch, and application of Ground control and SDK (the name became of this fact Fly!2K)

* the folders present here are necessary and enough to the good Fly! functioning.

* you note I remove without problem from the "Scenery" folder the sceneries not used (for example when I fly in Europe, I remove all the origin American sceneries ). Idem for maps and taxiways

* Import DB is in the folder root

* Sky is in another folder, but I use it systematically in every flight, because it is very attractive

And OS X ?

I am incapable (and for the moment nobody proves me the contrary) of starting Fly! 2K under Mac OS X, it is besides a known phenomenon for numerous games : so you must restart the Mac under OS 9... if it accepts.

Anyway, it would need drivers of your peripheral devices (in particular the joystick) are recognized by OS X, and it is not won in advance ; consult the manufacturers sites or the one of Apple for further precisions.

To adjust the allocated memory to the application :

* click on the Fly! icon and type apple-i

* enter the choosen value in "wished value"

Preferably, disable the virtual memory


For further details, go and see the "Questions and Answers (FAQ)" page

A good precaution :

I strongly advise to do savings of several important files of your Fly! "System" folder. Copy them outside your Fly! folder
Thus, in case of problem, you will be able to recover some files in good state, and avoid to reinstall Fly!, then apply again the corrective patches...

Which files to save ? Ideally, all the System folder, if you have place for that. If you lack place, choose the most recent files (sorting by date).

Then, as long as all works well, set about regular savings to have always available of recent files : see the example opposite, for information.